Several years ago, Phinh Ho village, of Ze Su Phinh commune in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, was facing economic difficulties, which resulted in a lack of focus on the management and protection of its local forested land. However, since then, the village’s improved policy towards forest environmental services has raised local people's awareness of forest management and protection and turned Phinh Ho into a shining example.

Every week, members of Phinh Ho’s forest management and protection team patrol and check the forest area, implementing the forest management contract.

With their regular checks, all acts of forest destruction, such as logging and encroachment of forest land for cultivation, have been restricted and terminated.

The policy of allocating budget for forest protection services has been carried out since 2012. Since the policy has been implemented, the income of Phinh Ho villagers has been raised, while forests have also been better preserved.

For many years in Phinh Ho village, there have been zero cases of people violating the Law on Forest Protection and Development. Deforestation, forest product exploitation, and forest fires no longer exist. Local residents have been active in their duties to protect their natural surroundings in order to maintain sustainable landscapes and livelihoods. –VNA