Pho Minh Pagoda, or the Tower Pagoda, is located in Tuc Mac village, Loc Vuong commune, about 5 kilometers from Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province.

This is one of the ancient temples of the Tran Dynasty, with a history of more than 700 years. Pho Minh pagoda used to be the pioneer of Buddhism architecture in the Tran era.

The architectural works and carvings here still retain the hallmarks of the Tran and Mac dynasties such as ironwood doors, Pho Minh tower, a pair of stone crocodiles, as well as the towers and statues of Princess Mac.

The most special structure lies in the front yard, where a tower called Pho Minh tower stands solemnly on a lotus-shaped base, as if emerging from the flower itself to rise to the blue sky.

The tower has 14 floors and is 19.5 meters in height, built by King Tran Anh Tong to keep his father's sarira. According to archeology studies, the King had paid plenty of attention and care to Pho Minh tower.

Its construction process was extremely elaborate with sophisticated and advanced techniques, which might explain how the tower manages to last for seven centuries without any major damages.

The pagoda used to be the place of choice for chanting Buddhism scriptures of many Tran kings and high-ranking monks.

Today, it has been recognized by the government as a National Cultural and Historical Site./.