Subscribers to Viettel services can download a free anti-virus software at that can scan for viruses and give warnings if it finds threats.

The software provides safe web browsing and anti-theft, lock application and copy list services.

Meanwhile, the leading anti-virus company in Vietnam, Bach Khoa Anti-virus Centre, plans to launch safe Facebook software, which will help users cancel all harmful actions, including the spread of harmful links, automatic likes, shares and creations of fake Facebook pages.

With Smart Filter technology, BKAV Mobile Security 2015 ensures that mobile phone users will not have to be concerned about annoying spam as the technology can stop it.

The software also allows customers to supervise their 3G database.

According to a Trend Micro report released in 2013, Vietnam ranked third among countries with the highest number of harmful downloaded software from Android applications. It ranked second in loss of private information on mobile phones.-VNA