A book of photographs entitled General and Commander-in-Chief Vo Nguyen Giap, compiled by photographer Tran Manh Thuong, has been published by the Culture and Information Publishing House.

Nearly 500 photos bring readers insight into the life and career of the great general. The 216-page book focuses on his youth and his revolutionary activities to the founding of the Democratic republic of Vietnam, the national resistance movement, the victory at Dien Bien Phu, the American War (including images of the general inspecting the Ho Chi Minh Trail), and the Liberation Day in 1975, as well as his enthusiasm for science and technology.

Readers will be able to view images of documents, such as Decree No 110-SL dated January 20, 1948 by which President Ho Chi Minh conferred the title of General and Commander-in-Chief on Giap.

Thuong said the photos were gathered from the general’s family, the Vietnam News Agency, the Vietnam Museum of Revolution and other sources. /.