The friendship between three Indochina countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is lightening up a photograph exhibition which is underway in Vietnam’s southern Binh Phuoc province.

Opened on November 22, the nine-day event is showcasing photographs to depict different stages of development of the three countries’ friendship, which has been maintained over the past 45 years.

The exhibition-goers can get involved in a timeline when the Indochina alliance was set up for the fights against French colonialism and American imperialism to win national independence and when Vietnam initiated comprehensive cooperation with Laos and helped Cambodia escape from the genocide regime and rebuild its country.

Besides, they can also see how the relations of the Indochina countries have grown in the new situation and the cooperation between Binh Phuoc province with Lao and Cambodian localities.

The event forms part of activities to warm up the friendship between peoples and armies of the three countries, in anticipation of the anniversary of the friendship year of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.-VNA