An exhibition of photographs depicting Agent Orange victims opened on August 1 at the War Remants Museum, supported by the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Agent Orange/dioxin victims.

The event marks the 51st anniversary of the Agent Orange/ dioxin disaster in Vietnam .

The exhibition honours AO victims who have made outstanding achievements in education as well as at work. It also explains the process they have had to go through in an attempt to find justice, which has moved millions of people around the world.

Later the same day, a second exhibition of photos opened at Ho Chi Minh City Labour Cultural Palace .

At the exhibition, the impacts and damage that Agent Orange/ dioxin has had on Vietnamese people and the environment over generations are reflected.

General Tran Ngoc Tho, the Chairman of HCM City’s Agent Orange/ Dioxin Association, said that a series of activities will be held until August 12 to mark the anniversary.

A meeting on August 5 will include almost 500, who represent 20,000 of Ho Chi Minh City ’s AO victims.

The association plans to build an ‘ Orange Village ’ for AO victims, to treat and train them later this year.

It has been raising money for AO victims since 2011, including a 2.6 billion VND fund to build houses, grant scholarships and provide treatment, with 10,000 USD coming from US veterans and 2,200 EUR from French-Vietnamese people./.