Photo exhibition showcases Chile's culture hinh anh 1The typical dance of the people of Tirana, as captured by George Munro.
The culture, rituals and customs of the Chilean people are being displayed for the first time in Vietnam through photos taken by George Munro.

Entitled Faces of Chile, the exhibition was opened on September 28 to celebrate the National Day of Chile.

"I'm so happy that we celebrated the National Day of Chile with a cultural activity," Chile's Ambassador to Vietnam Claudio De Negri said.

"It's our effort to enhance the friendship between the two countries as we know that the most effective way to understand each other is through cultural exchange," he said.

Munro's photos show beautiful views and the quintessence of local culture of that country.

Vietnamese visitors can see spectacular landscape photos of Easter Island, Casa Blanca's grape harvest, the Andes Mountains in Santiago and the indigenous culture of Mapuche ethnic group in Chol Chol region.

"This is strictly a personal view of the Chilean landscape," Munro said.

"It's the Chile that I presume to be the least known, a Chile that waits for us in any unexpected place, to make us feel the emotion of the discovery.

"All its inhabitants and every visitor can find a different version of the country.

"There have been many exhibitions on Chile, but now, with the satisfaction of sharing, I offer you images of the country, seen from my point of view and compiled across its lengthy territory," Munro said.

He said the exhibition was an act of love for Chile. It's dedicated to the country's people and tourists who come to explore.

"I show you what I have seen and tell you the stories I was told. The camera is my voice," he said.

The exhibition will run till October 8 at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Nguyen Van Huyen street, Hanoi.-VNA