Photographs taken by a group of fourth and fifth grade students to express their views on pedestrian safety are on show at an exhibition at a Ho Chi Minh City primary.

"Photovoice" at the Nguyen Minh Quang Primary School in District 9, which has more than 100 photos taken by eight children, is part of a project to use photographs to promote social change and improve the quality of life in communities.

Express delivery company FedEx and global NGO Safe Kids Worldwide, the sponsors, have already carried out this project in Brazil, Canada, China, India, South Korea, and the Philippines.

In Vietnam, they launched it together with the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation in October.

They selected students for photography training and pedestrian-safety education who then took the photos.

"The project will help educate children about pedestrian and traffic safety," Mirjam Sidik, executive director of the Foundation, said.

The photos will be sent to several other schools in the city where they will be displayed for three days each./.