Photos shed light on Truong Sa life hinh anh 1A visitor at the exhibition (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The peaceful beauty of Truong Sa (Spratly) Archipelago and the life of the soldiers and people there are depicted through 70 photos taken by Nguyen My Tra, a journalist from The Voice of Vietnam Radio.

Her exhibition, Truong Sa, Where We Come displays photos taken during her trip to the archipelago in June.

As a journalist who has written many stories about national sovereignty, Tra had always dreamed of travelling to Truong Sa, though she knew the trip was very hard and tough for women.

The dream came true when she was assigned to join a 12-day trip to the islands. The short trip left many unforgettable moments and emotions in her.

“The sea and islands are very beautiful and imposing, however the life of the people and soldiers on islands is very hard,” she said.

“During the trip, I had the chance to witness splendid sunrises and sunsets at sea, flowers floating in the water to commemorate those who had fallen protecting their country and the patriotism in the soldiers’ eyes when they salute the flag.”

Tra said she opened the exhibition with the aim of spreading love for Truong Sa and bringing the islands closer to the people on the mainland.

“Among the photos I took, what I like the most is the one capturing the Truong Sa sea territory as seen through a window frame,” said Tra. “That photo brings me a feeling that Truong Sa is so close to me, that I can just open a window and touch Truong Sa.”

Nguyen The Ky, Director of The Voice of Vietnam Radio, said the photos showed the astonishing landscape of Truong Sa and the daily activities of the soldiers who are protecting the country’s sovereignty over the sea and islands. They help raise awareness among all Vietnamese people, particularly the younger generation, of patriotism, national unity and a sense of responsibility, he said.

“During our career, we may have a chance to go abroad many times, but I’m sure that there is no trip like the one to Truong Sa Archipelago,” he said.

“Anyone who goes there would feel proud to be Vietnamese, and proud to have a chance to visit the furthest land of the country.

“It’s not easy to get there, so this exhibition helps people visit Truong Sa through a visual tour.”

The exhibition is being held to raise funds for a mid-autumn festival for island soldiers’ children.

The exhibition will be open until September 6 at the Exhibition House, 45 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi.-VNA