Two Phu Quoc ridgebacks took part in the FCI World dog show 2011 held in Paris on July 7-10, with one of them winning a certificate of aptitude.

The two dogs, Dom and Ven, took part in the world's biggest dog show held by the Federation Cynologique Internationale on its 100th founding anniversary.

It hosted 38,000 dogs of different breeds divided into 10 groups from 130 countries and territories.

Owned by Vo Hong Hai, a resident of District 7 in HCM City , Dom has wild features, a composed yet slightly unbridled appearance, steely nerves like a commando and horse-trotting pace.

It was the first Phu Quoc dog to win Vietnam 's championship certificate, awarded by the Vietnam Kennel Association (VKA), after having won first prize in the national competition for Phu Quoc ridgebacks.

He also won second prize for national beautiful dog in the 2009 VKA dog show, first prize in the 2010 VKA dog show, and second prize at 2011 Sai Gon Phu Quoc Ridgeback Club dog show.

The second Phu Quoc dog, Ven, is owned by Ly Nguyen Khon, a District 5 resident of HCM City .

VKA spent four years of careful preparation, and the two owners' substantial costs to be able to enrol the dogs in the international competition.

Hai said he had spent 30 million VND (1,500 USD) in fees on medical care, quarantining, registration, return air fares, and costs for two escorts for his dog to participate in the contest.

He also invited Le Tuan, a famous breeder of Neapolitan mastiff and owner of the TrangLe Neoapolitan Mastiff dog farm, who flew from Canada to Paris to serve as a handler and helped Hai take the dog to the shows.

Upon arrival in Paris , Dom roamed around, his tail curving upright and his eyes looking nonchalant. He seemed fearless to any strangers or other rivals much larger than him, Tuan said.

Tuan, who said many visitors asked about what kind of dog he was, was surprised that many people recognised that it was a Phu Quoc ridgeback.

As for Ven, he was welcomed on July 8 at the airport by Pham Thanh Buoi, who has more than 10 years' experience in managing a few dozen dog handlers.

Buoi had faced many difficulties in completing administrative procedures to get Ven through customs.

Espen Engh, a Norwegian judge at the dog show, said he appreciated Dom's countenance and Ven's manner.

Dom looked tired and jumped around and over the handler during the show, while Ven gave a wonderful performance.

The jury presented Ven with the Certificate of Aptitude for the Championship of Standard (CACS), an international certification for beautiful dogs.

A breed of dog from Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam 's southern province of Kien Giang , the Phu Quoc ridgeback typically is spotted, black, yellow, or striped.

A mature dog is about 20-25kg, with a small head, long neck, long snout, thin yet long ears and dark speckles on the tongue.

The body has a tapering belly, straight legs and webbed feet, which allow Phu Quoc dogs to swim and run very well.

Phu Quoc dogs are recognisable by their whorls on their back with short, thin hair./.