Phu Tho works hard to bring made-in-Vietnam goods closer to consumers hinh anh 1A green tea hill in Phu Tho province (Source: VNA)

Phu Tho (VNA) - The campaign “Vietnamese prioritises using Vietnamese goods” deployed in the northern province of Phu Tho over the last nine years has proven effective, helping change the habit of locals in using domestically-produced commodities.

The campaign offers favourable conditions for producers and businesses operating in the locality to affirm the prestige, quality and diversity of their products.

A representative from the provincial Fatherland Front Committee said the campaign has contributed to promoting the consumption of made-in-Vietnam goods in the locality. It has opened opportunities for enterprises to access the domestic consumption market.

Many businesses have been aware of renovating technology, expanding production, improving competitiveness, and stabilising goods prices in order to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

To help locals easily access Vietnamese goods, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade has arranged many points of sale with the slogan "Proud of Vietnamese brands" in the districts of Thanh Son, Lam Thao, Phu Ninh and Thanh Ba. The models have proven effective since they were launched in 2016. Vietnamese goods at these points are sold at a discount of 5-10 percent, even 20 percent compared to the market prices.

Nguyen Hu Loi, owner of Loi Thuy shop in Lam Thao township of Lam Thao district, said since a point of sale of Vietnamese goods was placed here, his shop’s revenue has increased remarkably.

Thanks to communication campaigns, locals have felt secure about the quality of made-in-Vietnam commodities.

Many enterprises in Phu Tho have made every effort to improve the quality and reduce the price of their products, contributing to bringing Vietnamese goods closer to consumers.

Notably, Lam Thao Fertilisers and Chemicals Joint Stock Company, Phu Tho Textile Company Limited and CMC Joint Stock Company have many creative ways to promote consumption of goods.

In many supermarkets such as Big C, Vincom, Aloha Mall and Vinmast also provide all necessary consumer goods, with those made domestically accounting for 90 percent.

According to the provincial Steering Committee for the Campaign  “Vietnamese  prioritises using Vietnamese goods”, since 2017, Phu Tho has organised over 20 trade fairs, exhibitions and market sessions to bring Vietnamese goods to rural, remote and mountainous areas. These attracted nearly 1,500 enterprises, producers and crowds of local residents.
A survey recently made by the provincial Steering Committee shows that up to 95 percent of local consumers have been interested in domestically-produced goods, with the consumption rate reaching 70 percent.

Duong Hoang Huong, President of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee, said the Steering Committee will take comprehensive measures to spread the campaign in the community.

It will coordinate with the provincial industry and trade sector to foster trade promotion and introduction of Vietnamese goods, do well market orientation, and encourage businesses to open points for selling made-in-Vietnam goods.

Local enterprises will be supported in building brand names, registering their products, towards expanding domestic markets.

The local authorities will also give attention to market management to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. More points of sale will be formed, contributing to promoting production and bringing Vietnamese goods closer to consumers.

The provincial Department of Industry and Trade will continue its market supervision and management in mountainous, remote and rural areas, in order to ensure the supply of necessary goods, meeting the increasing demand of locals, especially on the occasion of holidays and New Year festival.

Vietnamese goods are dominating the domestic market in recent days, thanks to reasonable prices and improved quality.

Previously, many families often bought imported confectionary, especially those from Europe, despite high prices. 

However, in recent time, thanks to the campaign, they have changed their habit and switched to using more made-in-Vietnam products, not because of the prices but good quality and eye-catching packaging.

More locally-made products are sold at major supermarkets than in previous years.Besides supermarkets, convenience stores are also putting more Vietnamese goods on their shelves.

Launched in many localities nationwide in 2009, the campaign “Vietnamese prioritises using Vietnamese goods” contributes to changing customers’ attitude toward locally made products while enhancing the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.-VNA