During his working visit to the central province of Phu Yen, Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan signed the pilot cooperative programme for implementing 7 national tasks on science and technology in Phu Yen from now to the year 2016.

Minister Nguyen Quan spoke to Phu Yen Newspaper about the purposes of this cooperative programme:

The programme is aimed at experimentally implementing the national tasks on science and technology as stipulated in the 2013 Law on Science and Technology.

Also, the program mobilises the most of all sources to successfully implement thesse tasks in Phu Yen province; drastically enhancing the activities of researching, applying scientific-technological achievements to practically serve the provincial targets of socio-economic development.

*As for the pilot cooperative programme with Phu Yen province, which tasks are decided in the implementing program to the year 2016?

The Ministry of Science-Technololgy and Phu Yen province have discussed, and approved on tasks which have direct impact on the local and regional socio-economic development.

Key tasks are: research on technological renovation, chains of processing beverages and other products made from eucalyptus trees (implemented in the national programme of technological renovation); applying the technology of preserving food CAS by Japan for the products of oceanic tuna and lobsters in Phu Yen (the national programme of developing high technology to the year 2020); applying scientific-technological advances in the sustainable development of the profession of breeding bird nests and constructing professional village of breeding bird nests (the programme of applying scientific-technological advances to serve the social-economic development of the rural areas, mountainous areas in the period of 2011-2015); constructing the geographical instructions in O Loan for the products of O Loan lagoon blood oysters; establishing, managing and developing the brand name of “Tuyet Diem salt” for the Tuyet Diem salt products in Xuan Binh commune, Song Cau town (the programme of supporting for the development of intellectual properties); researching to propose scientific-technological solutions to overcome the phenomenon of Da Nong, Da Dien, Tien Chau estuaries continuously overlapping, for the sake of the province’s social-technological development; research into efficient solutions to prevent, treat epidemics on lobsters and shrimps bred in Phu Yen and the Central South Coastal provinces (the national level independent scientific-technological tasks).-VNA