Pilot programme helping to ease burden on health sector

Duc Giang General Hospital in Hanoi is piloting a programme, in which COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms are encouraged to support medical staff in taking care of other patients and monitor their health through the application of QR codes. The move is expected to ease the burden for the health sector while helping reduce infections at quarantine sites.

Mild patients have been instructed on how to make health declarations via QR code. Any sign of worsening health is reported to medical staff immediately.

Duc Giang General Hospital provides treatment to 89 COVID-19 patients, nine of whom are in a serious condition. Others with mild symptoms such as fever, coughing, and aches and pains have been assigned to carry out the “F0 take care of F0” pilot programme.

With considerable experience in providing treatment to nearly 300 COVID-19 patients, the hospital leaders said the programme helps doctors keep a close watch on patients’ health and be warned quickly if necessary.

The application of IT in monitoring the health of “F0” patients will be especially effective when these patients are quarantined at home. No symptom will be missed./.