A pilot training programme on the primary bond market and techniques used in corporate bond issuance in Vietnam opened in Hanoi on October 12.

During the three-day programme, co-organised by the Vietnam Bond Market Association (VBMA) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the trainees will study the process of issuing corporate bonds under international standards and the bond issuance in Vietnam .

The programme will also deal with the development of international debt market and barriers and shortcomings facing the Vietnamese corporate bond market.

The training aims to support the development of the primary bond market, improve transparency and professionalism in the market as well as minimise risks to the Vietnamese bond market.

After the pilot programme, VBMA will draw up a set of standards on corporate bond issuance techniques and hold the course regularly for its members and those who are about to enter the bond market in the near future.

VBMA represents more than 60 banks, securities companies, investment funds, insurance, fund management and financial companies in Vietnam./.