A plan has been developed to upgrade the sea and estuary dykes system in the Mekong Delta in response to rising sea levels caused by climate change, according to the Southern Institute for Water Resources Planning (SIWR).

Under the plan, nearly 620km of sea dykes and over 740km of estuary dykes in the region will be upgraded or newly constructed by 2025. They will be six metres wide, with forests outside the dyke to reduce the impact of waves.

Constructions built below dykes are arranged so as to prevent natural disasters, control water salinity and protect aquaculture, transportation and other needs.

It is forecast that by the end of this century, rising sea levels caused by global climate change will inundate an area of up to 15,000-20,000 square kilometres in the Mekong Delta. Nine out of the 13 provinces and cities in the region will be almost completely submerged, seriously affecting agriculture.

The upgrade of sea and estuary dykes also aims to protect the lives and property of locals, as well as ensure production and infrastructure, creating favourable conditions for sustainable socio-development in the region.-VNA