The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs and the Steering Committee for the Northwestern Region have sought to maximise their coordination in ethnic and religious affairs in 2014.

They will also coordinate with each other to implement a strategy on ethnic affairs by 2020 and build a project on sustainable socio-economic development models in the Northwestern, Central Highlands and Southwestern regions, and another on human resources development among ethnic minorities by 2020, heard a conference in Hanoi on March 5.

Both will work as advisors for the Political Bureau, the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and the Government on ethnic affairs, especially those to improve living standards of free migrants in the Central Highlands and Northwestern regions.

The publicising of the Party’s policies and guidelines and the State’s laws towards ethnic groups also receives more attention from the two committees, according to the conference.

Apart from patriotic movements and new-style rural area building programme, the cooperation plan focuses on the building of the political system in the Northwestern region.

Last year, the two committees significantly contributed to helping spur local socio-economic development, reduce poverty, improve people’s living standards and ensure political security and social order in the region.-VNA