The Ministry of Education and Training on December 11 signed a project with Plan Vietnam to protect and discipline children in a positive way.

The project will produce training documents for teachers focusing on pedagogic principles pertaining to the rights and obligations of the child as well as life-skills to protect themselves from violence.

Experts say it aims to discipline children without violence to help establish the individuality of the child. The new way will help build a safe and friendly educational environment, strengthening the relationship between teachers and students as well as parents and their children.

Currently, many parents opt for hard punishments on children. They have made very subjective conclusions on children’s mistakes and even used a rod without hearing their explanations, say experts.

Experts conclude that harsh punishments has led to negative results, including injuring the child’s psychology, turning the child into stubbornness and losing the child’s trust in adults.

The project will be deployed in seven northern and central provinces and cities from 2009-2011, benefiting 50 communes and 110 primary and junior secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education and Training will hold training courses for project executives and will be responsible for supervising the project’s progress. The ministry will also work with the Plan Vietnam in conducting education campaigns at the central level to increase public awareness of the new concept of discipline./.