An economics-science-service complex, known as Platform DK1, has played an important role in defending the country’s sovereignty over its islands, seas and continental shelf over the past 24 years.

On the platform’s 24 th founding anniversary (July 5, 1989), officers and soldiers stationed on the structure, which is managed by the Naval Zone 2 in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, joined others in a celebration where they recounted the heroic times that generations of their peers had undergone in building and developing the complex.

Firstly known as platform Tu Chinh A, the establishment of DK1 was seen as a milestone in the nation’s course of protecting the sovereignty over its southern continental shelf.

Over the years, DK1 officers and soldiers have overcome various difficulties to keep the country’s sea in peace, and seven of them had fallen down on duty.

For their contributions, battalion DK1 was awarded the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces in the renewal period” in 2005, and other honours and certificates of merit.

At the ceremony, officers and soldiers expressed their resolve to uphold the heroic tradition to accomplish the tasks entrusted by the Party and State.-VNA