Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has declared that administrative reform in the land area aims to bar negatives in the management and use of the resource, ordering the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to make available in September land-related administrative procedures as required by the 2013 Land Law.

The Government leader and senior officials from several ministries and branches had a working session in Hanoi on August 14 with the ministry on how to speed up the reform of administrative procedures in land management.

The ministry has so far publicized 214 administrative procedures, including 74 related to land and 42 on the environment, together with applying widely information technology in handling procedures, making it easier for people and businesses.

It, however, admitted that the reform has to date failed to meet expectations of people and businesses, noting that several regulations have, otherwise, created loopholes and land-related procedures remained complicated.

The ministry named the complexities of the land issue and legal regulations requiring a meticulous sequence of handling procedures, among others, as hindrances to its administrative reform.

In conclusion, PM Dung stated that the land administrative reform has to come up with better services for people and businesses.

He asked the ministry to guide localities nationwide in re-arranging their one-level land registration office, citing the total of 41 land-related administrative procedures handled by the office, which is down 33 from the procedures required, as an evidence of efficiency.

The Government chief also instructed the ministry to quicken the building of a land database to facilitate online transactions and increase the use of IT to shorten procedure processing duration.

Earlier, PM Dung required the general departments of taxation and customs and the construction sector to simplify procedures in their fields as part of efforts to strongly improve the national business climate and competitiveness.-VNA