The transport sector must invest more in infrastructure in order to boost the quality of key national road, seaway, airway and railway projects, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has noted.

Speaking at a conference hosted by the Ministry of Transport in Hanoi on January 9, PM Dung hailed the sector for its efforts to fulfil all of its assigned tasks last year. He asked for more focus on rural transport as part of efforts to enforce a resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas adopted by the Party Central Committee’s seventh tenure.

He requested the sector work harder to keep traffic under control, minimise traffic accidents and closely check the loading capacity of vehicles.

He suggested that the ministry should restructure its State-owned enterprises, divest themselves from non-core areas, strengthen State management and improve corporate governance.

With a slogan calling for more drastic acts to forge innovation, quality, efficiency and faster development, the sector aims for an average year-on-year increase of 6 percent in the volume of goods and 7 percent in the number of passengers it handles.

It will act quickly on the upgrade and extension of National Highway 1 and a section of the Ho Chi Minh Highway running via the Central Highlands and other key projects, ensuring that their qualities meet expectations.

A range of comprehensive solutions designed for the foreseeable and far future will be launched to ease the accident rate.

Last year, the sector performed well in law-making with more legal regulations coming into force. On top of this, the entire political system and transport sector paid special attention to transport, resulting in a reduced number of accidents, fatalities and injuries for the second consecutive year. The number of yearly road deaths dropped to below 10,000.-VNA