The Prime Minister has asked ministries, branches, localities, economic groups and State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to strengthen thrift practice and prevent wastefulness in the management, exploration of natural resources, capital, asset and labour in SOEs.

In Directive 16/CT/TT issued on July 29, he required that ministries, branches, localities and SOEs review the use of land, minerals, forest and water resources in order to promptly deal with inappropriate use of these resources.

The agencies should reclaim the areas of land and water surface which are being used ineffective or illegally, as well as those left unused.

They are also told to tighten control over the grant of licence and activities in exploiting natural resources and minerals, to ensure economical use of resources and environmental protection.

In the field of managing and using State capital and asset in SOEs, the PM demands that enterprises ensure their investment serves their main business lines while resolutely cutting down or eliminating ineffective and unnecessary projects.

They must also quicken the pace of capital divestment from professions outside their main business lines.

The PM required strengthening the management, inspection and supervision of capital disbursement for public projects and making public the use and management of State capital and assets in SOEs.

He also instructed ministries, branches, localities and SOE s to check and revise regulations on labour recruitment and staff promotion while streamlining the management structure.

Transparency and democracy must be ensured in recruitment and staff promotion in line the State’s regulations, the directive said.-VNA