Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on Jan. 18 held a reception for the outgoing Ambassador of France, Herve Bolot.

At the meeting, PM Dung praised the contribution Ambassador Bolot has made during his tenure, which, he said, had helped bring relations between Vietnam and France to a new height.

Ambassador Herve Bolot expressed the beautiful impressions he has towards the nation and people of Vietnam . He thanked relevant state agencies for their close coordination and cooperation.

At present, efforts are escalated from both sides to implement the high-level agreements between the two countries, including in education and training, defence and energy.

PM Dung said for Vietnam , France is always a leading partner in Europe .

“ Vietnam will do its utmost, together with France , to bring our bilateral relations to a new height, which is strategic, sustainable, long-standing, and more comprehensive relations that benefit both sides, in order to intensify mututal understanding between the two nations,” Dung said.

The Vietnamese PM said he believed bilateral relations would be promoted more strongly, especially in the economic, trade and investment areas./.