PM orders non-stop toll collections to go into service immediately hinh anh 1A vehicle at a lane designed for vehicles using automatic non-stop toll payments on the Phap Van-Cau Gie Expressway. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued a directive requiring acceleration of the application of automated non-stop toll collection services nationwide.

The directive said the implementation of the electronic service, which replaces the one-stop model, had been determined as a mandatory task by the National Assembly, the Government and the PM.

It aims to ensure transparency in toll collection as well as create favourable conditions for drivers.

In order to push automated non-stop toll collections nationwide, the PM has asked the Ministry of Transport to direct the implementation of the service to ensure progress, quality, interconnection, synchronisation, safety and security in accordance with the law.

The ministry has been instructed to work with people's committees of provinces and cities to prepare separate lanes for non-stop toll collections at tollbooths and guide drivers to use the correct lanes.

The ministry will need to address problems facing investors and service providers to ensure the progress of the project, ensuring harmonisation of interests among related parties. At the same time, it must ensure transparency regarding toll collections.

The PM has also asked the ministry to suspend toll collections for projects that failed to switch to automated non-stop toll collection in accordance with the law.

The ministry will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security and other agencies to ensure traffic order and safety, and strictly deal with drivers who intentionally violate the law and cause traffic congestion at tollbooths, especially toll stations that operate electronic systems.

Motor vehicle registration units and relevant agencies will implement electronic tags when inspecting vehicles and share vehicle data with toll service providers to ensure synchronisation.

The Ministry of Public Security will work with the Ministry of Transport and people's committees of provinces and cities to ensure security and order in the process of the installation and operation of the electronic non-stop toll collection system, and strictly handle any legal violations.

The Ministry of Finance will coordinate with the Ministry of Transport to guide the application of electronic invoices.

The PM has also instructed the State Bank of Vietnam to direct commercial banks to connect their accounts to the toll collection system, ensuring connectivity, convenience and safety.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has been tasked with guiding the use of a Radio Frequency Identification system installed at toll stations and support toll collection services to ensure information security.

The PM asked the Ministry of Information and Communications to increase information dissemination to raise drivers’ awareness of the automated toll collections and related regulations.

Tollbooths with non-stop toll collection systems should put them into operation immediately and coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport to ensure order and safety.

Vehicles which do not have e-tags or sufficient funds in their accounts will still be able to use manual payment lanes.

The Prime Minister's directive also states that the electronic non-stop toll collection system must ensure synchronous and smooth operation as well as information security, including the personal information of vehicle owners according to the provisions of the law.

Investors are responsible for coordinating with service providers for the investment, construction, renovation, management, operation and maintenance of automatic non-stop toll collection systems.

The Vietnam Automobile Transport Association will encourage transport business units to use e-tags for their vehicles to limit congestion at tollbooths.

Vehicle owners should cooperate with relevant units at tollbooths to ensure the smooth operation of toll collections. Intentional violations will be strictly dealt with in accordance with law. /.