Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has highlighted the Government’s 2010 focus on increased macro-economic stability and higher GDP growth rate than 2009.

The Government’s leader unveiled its priorities at a two-day conference on socio-economic initiatives and budget estimates for 2010, which closed in Hanoi on January 7.

Dung therefore asked ministries, sectors and localities to mobilise all financial sources to invest in infrastructures and transport development to help boost production and reduce trade deficits, thus accelerating economic growth.

He requested further administrative reforms and fast ground clearance to save time for investors.

Dung paid special attention to the importance of applied science and technology in production services.

He asked administrations at all levels to improve recruitment policies to attract talents and to intensify investments in vocational training.

Other major tasks for 2010 include improving natural disaster control procedures, enhancing environmental policies pertaining to climate change and traffic congestion, and addressing social problems.

The conference, drawing leaders from 63 provinces and cities, introduced the national agenda for 2010, including tax reforms supporting burdened enterprises, incentives boosting production and exports and increased ODA disbursement.

Priorities will also be given to promoting domestic trade by diversifying distribution channels in both modern and traditional trade techniques.

The Government also called to accelerate construction in electricity, traffic facilities and urbanisation projects.

Municipal and provincial leaders proposed that priority be given to upgrading the traffic system, increasing assistance to localities struck by climate change, and deepening investment in agriculture and rural development./.