PM updates Hai Phong voters on outcomes of parliament’s session hinh anh 1Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the meeting with Hai Phong voters on November 25 (Photo: VNA)

Hai Phong (VNA)Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and other National Assembly (NA) deputies of northern Hai Phong city met with voters of Hai An district on November 25 to announce the outcomes of the 14th NA’s second session which just concluded in Hanoi on November 23.

The meeting focused on issues of voters’ concern such as socio-economic management, food safety, environmental protection, the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and personnel work.

Voter Hoang Hai Bang said he is impressed with the leadership of the Government and the PM in socio-economic issue, particularly their resolve to build a constructive Government of integrity that works for the sake of people and businesses. He said the recent socio-economic attainments prove that the Cabinet has issued right decisions and policies in a timely manner.

He asked the Government and Hai Phong’s administration to take flexible measures to stabilise the VND/USD exchange rate, which is on the rising trend over several recent days, along with prices of essential goods to keep inflation under control at the end of the year.

Local residents asked for the acceleration of the building of a coastal expressway linking Hai Phong and central Thanh Hoa city, which is hoped to open up new opportunities for the city’s  economy to make a breakthrough.

Many expressed concerns about the environmental pollution caused by waste release by fertilizer factory DAP Dinh Vu-Vinachem, and scandals involving officials, especially former Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang who was dismissed from the post of Secretary of the Party Delegation to this ministry in the 2011-2016 tenure.

Speaking to voters, PM Phuc said most of the Government’s proposals, including those on State budget spending and major economic policies, were approved by the NA at the second session. The success of this session illustrates the deputies and voters’ trust in the Government’s leadership and management of society and the economy.

Regarding the opinion that the growth target should be set at around 6 percent to ensure it is achievable, he clarified that as public debt has already been close to the ceiling rate of 65 percent of GDP, the targeted GDP growth rate must be high to prevent public debt from hitting the cap. He added that the higher GDP is, the more jobs will be created.

The PM assured the voters that Vietnam has sufficient monetary supply, including foreign currencies, to stabilise the monetary market under any circumstances.

He assigned the city’s NA deputy delegation and municipal authorities to investigate the pollution allegedly caused by fertilizer factory DAP Dinh Vu and listen to public opinion to devise appropriate solutions.

Mentioning the future of the TPP agreement after the US President-elect said he will take the US out of the deal, PM Phuc said excluding the US, the total GDP of the remaining 11 member countries is very big, nearly 20 trillion USD. Apart from TPP, Vietnam has also participated in 12 other new-generation free trade agreements with many major markets.

With or without TPP, Vietnam will still continue its intensive and proactive integration into global economies. It will also continue working with other TPP countries to ink this pact, he added.

Talking about officials who committed violations, PM Phuc said mechanisms for implementing reward and punishment will be clarified in order to appropriately handle violators.-VNA