A truck is examined at the Mortor Vehicle Registration Centre in Da Nang city (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Registered automobiles that have received appointment letters from police offices will qualify for inspection, starting from January 1, 2016, the Vietnam Register said.

Automobile inspection procedures will be simplified from the beginning of next year.

Specifically, only registered automobiles that have received appointment letters from police offices will be inspected.

The appointment letters are not required to have the seal of the registration offices.

The first inspection of the vehicles will not require their owners to present the import quality certification.

Instead, the inspection offices will get that information from the online import – export portals of the government and the department of transportation.

This change in regulation will reduce the number of input documents required and prevent situations where some offices dealing with imported goods deliberately alter the quality certifications in order to gain benefits from the customers.

Nguyen Huu Tri, deputy director of the Vietnam Register, said the automobile inspections would implement more recommendations of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee.

These recommendations will help increase the quality of the inspections, evaluate the vehicles properly and reduce the waiting time for the customers.

The vehicle owners should register for inspections via 1080, or should directly call the automobile inspection offices to make appointments to avoid waiting on the day of the inspection, the register said.

The inspection offices will give priority to vehicles that have been registered for inspection in advance.

The register also advised vehicle owners to get vehicle maintenance done at credited maintenance factories and to use genuine accessories in order to reduce waiting time and fees at the time of inspection.-VNA