The drafts consist of a political report, another reviewing the implementation of the socio-economic development strategy for 2011-2020 and building the development strategy for 2021-2030, a report assessing the implementation of socio-economic development tasks for 2016-2020 and setting up development directions and tasks for 2021-2025, and a report reviewing Party building and the execution of Party statutes.

Most opinions held that the drafts, compiled in a meticulous, scientific, careful, and thorough manner, are of high quality, objectively and comprehensively reflecting achievements as well as existing shortcomings and weaknesses while pointing out causes and lessons. They also forecast the development situation and trends in the country and the world, based on which targets, tasks, and key solutions for the development of Vietnam overall and certain sectors will be devised.

Trong told the meeting that the political report is the core and the other reports must be consistent with it, pointing out that as there is not much time left, the compilation groups and sub-committees should seriously secure ideas of people from all social strata and remain focused on perfecting the drafts.

Saying the congress’s documents will exist forever, he requested that they be built in a manner that demonstrates the common voice, the Party’s leadership, and the great national unity.

Thoroughly prepared documents will contribute to the success of the coming 13th National Party Congress and help herald a new stage of national development, he added./.