Poll: More Czechs fond of Vietnamese community hinh anh 1Vietnamese expats celebrate their traditional New Year festival in the Czech Republic (Photo: VNA)

Prague (VNA) – Czechs continue to prefer Slovaks the most of all ethnic groups and their perception of the Vietnamese improved in the past year, according to a CVVM poll.

The Czech News Agency (CTK) cited the results of the CVVM poll as reporting that 37 percent of the correspondents said they like the Vietnamese. The liking of the Vietnamese grew as compared to the previous poll and they are perceived the most positively since 2013, when the CVVM agency first enquired about it.

Up to 80 percent of Czechs like Slovaks, followed by the Polish, with one half of Czechs being fond of them.

Concerning another five groups, the share of the respondents who like them prevail over those who do not, including the Greeks (38 percent), Jews (30 percent), Germans (34 percent), Hungarians (30 percent) and Bulgarians (25 percent).

According to recent data of the Czech Statistical office (CSU), there were 493,400 foreigners living in the Czech Republic with 10.5 million inhabitants at the end of 2016, of whom there were 110,000 Ukrainians, 107,251 Slovaks and 58,025 Vietnamese.

The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in the country, with estimated 245,800 people contributing to almost 2.3 percent of the country's population.

In 2013, the European country recognised the Vietnamese community as one of its ethnic groups. Czech President Miloš Zeman said the Vietnamese community have been integrating well into Czech society.-VNA