This tiny room is where painter Đỗ LệnhTuấn creates hundreds of postage stamp paintings.

Formerly a stamp designer, after retirement, Tuan spends all his time working on the unique paintings.

Dedication and passion are what people realise when entering Tuan’s art space.

Not using water colours or oil paints, the artist begins his work by cutting the stamps and putting them together to make the painting. Tuan said postage stamp painting challenges the artist’s patience. If things go on well, it will take over a week to create a painting. If not, it may last months. 

To become a postage stamp painter, one must be a collector at first. Tuan has so far owned millions of stamps in his collection. There are even those which were issued some 50 years ago.

Over the past two years, Tuan has created hundreds of paintings, using thousands of stamps of different types. Most of his artworks are about late President Ho Chi Minh

Under the skillful hands of the artists, the seem-to-be-useless stamps get a new life, becoming a unique artwork that carries the cultural values of Vietnamese people.-VNA