People in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak celebrated as more rain fell on May 12 following showers the previous day, finally signaling the end of a prolonged drought and providing much-needed water to thousands of hectares of crops.

While the rain was not heavy, it fell for hours in the districts of Ea H’Leo, Krong Nang, Krong Buk, Cu M’gar, Cu Kuin, Buon Ho town and the city of Buon Ma Thuot , the central hub for coffee and pepper farming in the province.

Over the last two days, Dak Lak has enjoyed rain with average precipitation of 50 millimeters .This has reduced the risk of forest fires and alleviated water supply shortages for local daily use.

The drought badly damaged over 50,600 hectares of crops and triggered a lack water tomore than 20,000 local households, causing an estimated economic loss of nearly 1.7 trillion VND (79 million USD).

According to the Central Highlands Hydro-Meteorological Station, this year’s rainy season is expected to start later than usual (near the end of May) and there will be less rainfall than seen in previous years across the region.-VNA