Some cave paintings, believed to have prehistoric origin, have recently been found on the walls of Kho My cave, Quan Ba district in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

The paintings depict four prehistoric people standing side by side in a ceremony which may relate to a hunting festival or totemism rituals, according to Associate Professor Dr. Trinh Nam Cung from the Vietnam Institute of Archeology.

The Institute’s experts came to the site to explore the meaning and date of the drawings as similar ones had previously been found in Flores island, Indonesia, Silpa mountain in southern Thailand and Ipoh limestone hill in central Malaysia.

The mixture of crimson-coloured mineral, plant oil or sap, and water was used to color the paintings, said Chung.

Vestiges of prehistoric people have so far also been found in Ha Giang’s Dong Van and Yen Minh districts.-VNA