If you haven’t visited the Hanoi Opera House, please visit the website www.ifi.vn. In only 15 minutes, visitors can experience a virtual tour of the opera house.

The use of multimedia, a typical product of Industry 4.0, offers visitors a new experience and an insight into different aspects of the building. 

The virtual tour of the Opera House also serves preservation and research work.

Ngo Tu Lap, Director of the International Francophone Institute said one of the interesting things about the tour is it helps those who cannot visit the house in reality to visit it.

"What’s more, it is free-of-charge. The virtual tour is also used for teaching music, architecture and history and for tourism promotion," he added.

The National Museum of Vietnamese History is the first of its kind in Vietnam applying IT, offering visitors a chance to tour and experience the national treasures online. IT use also helps preserve paper and wooden artifacts, protecting them from destruction due to severe weather and humidity. IT use is common in other museums across the world.

Vietnam is home to a number of heritage sites recognised worldwide. Thanks to the development of the internet and IT, it is feasible for Vietnam to conduct digital archiving to preserve heritage values and promote them widely.-VNA