President Truong Tan Sang on July 16 told newly-appointed Vietnamese ambassadors and consul generals that diplomacy needs to be in the front line of national construction and defence.

The State leader presented assignment decisions to 22 ambassadors and seven consul generals, who will lead Vietnam’s overseas representative agencies from 2014 to 2017.

He said their tenure coincides with the key period of the country’s development, when Vietnam continues to restructure its economy and change the growth model amid emerging complicated security issues.

Therefore, diplomacy will play an important role in preventing conflicts, maintaining a peaceful environment for national development while protecting national sovereignty and garnering international support of Vietnam’s cause of national construction and defence.

President Sang also instructed the diplomats to maintain and promote the strategic partnerships, comprehensive partnerships and special partnerships that Vietnam has established with many countries.

At the same time, the president emphasized the role of representative agencies overseas in promoting the country’s international integration through seeking markets for Vietnamese goods and attracting foreign direct investment.

Added to that, the diplomatic agencies are also required to take heed of protecting Vietnamese citizens in foreign countries.-VNA