President Duterte admits US supplying weapons to Philippines to fight terrorism hinh anh 1Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo: EPA/VNA)

 Hanoi (VNA)Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that the US has been supplying weaponry to the country to fight Maute terrorists in Marawi city in southern Mindanao islands, the Philippine Star newspaper reported on July 16.

He also explained his country could not join any new military alliances as it would violate the decades-old defence treaty between the US and the Philippines.

[US forces help Philippines military in Marawi]

 The President also noted that the Southeast Asian country needed to diversify its military equipment supply, with China another source of weaponry for the Philippines.

He also mentioned the possibility of buying firearms from Russia and other sources, saying arms assistance from China and Russia has no strings attached.

Previously, in June, the Philippine military’s spokesperson affirmed that the US military was assisting the country’s armed forces with technical support in fighting Islamic State – linked militant groups in Marawi city.-VNA