President Truong Tan Sang was informed about the latest efforts to preserve and restore Hoa Lu ancient capital, a historical and cultural site of great value in the northern province of Ninh Binh, during a working session with local authorities on January 14.

Sitting on a site of 339ha, Hoa Lu ancient capital gained its status as a special national relic site in 2012. Later in June 2014, the UNESCO listed Trang An scenic landscape complex as a world cultural and natural heritage, with Hoa Lu as part of the zone under special protection.

Since 2002, Ninh Binh has undertaken 6 projects worth over 3.4 trillion VND (161 million USD) to give Hoa Lu a new lease of life. However, the province is facing difficulties in raising the necessary funding.
Speaking at the session, the President asked the Vietnam Association of Historical Science to continue working as an advisor for the projects.

Regarding funding for conservation efforts, he said the State will offer some financial aid and suggested incentive policies be made to attract investors to involve in the process.

Several attendees proposed issuing bonds to raise capital and make careful investigation and planning before conducting any restoration process as recommended by the UNESCO.

The same day, the President visited a vegetable farm using Japanese technology in the northern province of Ha Nam.

Holding a working session with local authorities, he urged them to adopt more effective farming policy to improve local livelihoods, in the context of increasing competition brought about by international integration.-VNA