President Truong Tan Sang has lauded the achievements that the Vietnam Union of UNESCO Associations has achieved over the past two decades in culture, education and science and technology.

Meeting with representatives in charge of people’s diplomacy of the union on January 20 in Hanoi to mark its 20th founding anniversary, he said the results have contributed to the common success of the country.

President Sang asked the union to continue promoting the understanding of Vietnamese history and its people’s friendly and peace-loving spirit.

He said that in the cause of national construction and defence, the Party and State’s guidelines focus on expanding relations with all countries.

In addition to the effort by ministries and sectors, the Union of UNESCO Associations needs to promote people’s diplomacy to further introduce Vietnam’s culture and people to international friends, fostering friendship between nations for peace and development, the president rallied.

With only a dozen initial members, the union now boasts 140,000 nationwide.

After 20 years of operation, the union has become a prestigious organisation. Particularly, leaders of the union have played a leading role in the world non-governmental UNESCO movement./.