Late President Ho Chi Minh is a great inspiration for Vietnamese stamp artists, repeatedly showing up on thousands of postage stamps issued by Vietnam Post on national celebrations, including his birthday and National Day.

Vu Van Ty has a small stamp collection with images of late President Ho Chi Minh that he cherishes. Among those, he considers five stamps by painter Nguyen Sang, which were released on September 2, 1946, his most priceless treasure throughout 30 years collecting stamps.

That postage stamp series was also the first issued by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to mark a year since the August Revolution (August 19) and National Independence Day (September 2). Nguyen Sang, author of those stamps was a gifted young artist who worked alongside the nascent postal sector to launch the stamp set.

President Ho Chi Minh’s portrait is firmly attached with national celebrations throughout history. Many stamp designers have said drawing his portrait is neither complicated nor simple; as despite abundant archives on him, it is not easy to come up with unique artworks different from the other stamps.

President Ho Chi Minh has become a divine inspiration for not only domestic stamp designers but also foreign ones. According to unofficial statistics by stamp collectors, there are now 15 countries and territories issuing postage stamps with President Ho Chi Minh’s images.-VNA