The Communist Party of Argentina inaugurated a reading room named after Vietnam’s President Ho Chi Minh on June 19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is among activities to honor the late President on the occasion of his 125 th birthday anniversary (May 19, 1890).

The facility showcases a wide range of local newspapers, magazines and photos published during the 1960s-1970s, reflecting the support local people provided for Vietnam’s struggles against invaders.

Documents on the relationship between the Communist Party of Argentina and the Communist Party of Vietnam can also be found here.

Addressing the ceremony, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Argentina Patricio Echegaray expressed his admiration for the late President, and hailing the solidarity, friendship, and the cooperation between his Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Nguyen Dinh Thao briefed local delegates on Vietnam’s socio-economic development, the country’s business climates and incentives for foreign investors.

A documentary on Vietnam was screened during the event.-VNA