President Ho Chi Minh’s call for resistance displayed hinh anh 1The handwritten draft of President Ho Chi Minh's call for national resistance. (Photo

Hanoi (VNA) - An exhibition of President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for national resistance has opened at the preserved house used by the late President in Van Phuc Village in the capital’s Ha Dong district.

The exhibition displays more than 100 photos and documents, divided into three parts: Hanoi’s struggle against the French colonisers; the house in Van Phuc Village where President Ho Chi Minh wrote the call for national resistance, and the response by the people and soldiers to his call to battle.

President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked at the house owned by Nguyen Van Duong from December 3 to 19, 1946. Here, he and other Communist Party leaders met and planned a long-term national resistance war.

The project upgrading and expanding the house has been completed in time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of National Resistance Day.

The first floor introduces images and materials relating to his life from December 3 to 19, 1946, as well as documentaries of the war against the French under the leadership of the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh. The simply furnished second floor has been preserved as it was when Uncle Ho lived and worked there. On a table, alongside a paraffin lamp, visitors can see the handwritten draft of “The Call to National Resistance”. - VNA