President Truong Tan Sang has applauded the contributions of overseas Vietnamese towards social and business activities as well as humanitarian aid in the homeland.

He extended warm regards to the four million Vietnamese living in all corners of the world at a gathering of more than 1,000 Vietnamese expatriates at the Xuan Que Huong (Homeland Spring) cultural event in Hanoi on February 3 to celebrate the upcoming Tet holiday.

The event, which features performances from Vietnamese artists from all over the world, takes place every year to welcome those returning home for the country’s biggest holiday.

President Sang reiterated that Vietnamese living overseas are inseparable part of the Vietnamese community.

He stressed the significance of UNESCO’s recognition of the Hung King’s worshipping rite as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The Hung King’s worshiping rite was the main theme for the Homeland Spring event.

According to historical researchers, no country in the world has a similar ritual to the worship of the nation’s ancestors in Vietnam . For generations, Vietnamese people have believed the Hung Kings are the founders of the country and the ancestors of the nation.

Therefore, the worship of Hung Kings has become a unique cultural ritual in the spiritual life of the nation. It is also a symbol of origin that stimulates solidarity and national pride.

Cultural researchers said the worship of the national forefathers in Vietnam is the highest development of ancestral worship. The unique elements look towards origin and community connectivity.-VNA