State President Truong Tan Sang lauded the achievements of the Supreme People’s Procuracy while attending a ceremony to mark the sector’s 55 th founding anniversary in Hanoi on July 23.

He asked the sector to continue realising the 2013 Constitution, the Politburo’s resolution on judicial reform until 2020 and the National Assembly’s resolution on the prevention and control of law violations and crime activities of People’s Procuracies and the courts and during the judgment execution.

The President urged the sector to focus on building and completing the Criminal Procedure Code while showing stronger engagement in building other relevant laws.

Meanwhile, the sector should further expand international cooperation, improve staff capacity and act as a coordination centre for judicial support activities.

According to Prosecutor General Nguyen Hoa Binh, over the past 55 years, the procuracy sector has made significant contributions to the prevention and combat of crime and law violation, ensuring peaceful life for the people and creating healthy environment for socio-economic development.

So far, the judicial system has been organised in four levels with over 15,000 officials, he said.

Over the past years, the sector has applied a number of measures to enhance its performance, he said, adding that the four levels have effectively supervised the settlement of civil, administrative, economic and labour cases as well as the execution of judgment in criminal and civil cases.

The sector has also detected and investigated cases of corruption in judicial activities, he said.

During the ceremony, President Truong Tan Sang also presented the Independence Order, first class, to the sector. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also titled the People’s Procuracies of northern Quang Ninh province and Hanoi with Labour Hero.-VNA