The Party and State will create all possible conditions for artists and scientists to utilise their creativity in creating work valuable to the country.

President Truong Tan Sang made the pledge during his January 22 pre-Tet visits to senior artists and scientists who have devoted most of their lives to the country’s development in the worlds of literature and science, including writer Hoc Phi, artist Bui Dinh Hac and Professor Dang Huy Huynh.

The State leader hailed their significant contribution to the nation’s science and literature. He acclaimed Hac for his piece “Water returns to Bac Hung Hai”, Phi for “Dam Van nun”, and Professor Huynh for his research on biological diversity resources and development.

In the streamline of international integration, contemporary artists and scientists have been unceasingly renovating while retaining national traditions and identity, the President noted.

He voiced his hope that they will continue supporting the nation’s renewal and inspire younger generations of artists to follow their creative examples.-VNA