President praises mass mobilisation workers’ contributions hinh anh 1President Truong Tan Sang (L) meets with exemplary mass mobilisation workers (Photo: VNA)

President Truong Tan Sang has praised the skill of mass mobilisation workers who contributed to the vibrant development of southern metropolis Ho Chi Minh City.

He met with the city’s 120 delegates, who were singled out as the best of the mass mobilisation workers in 2011-2015, in Hanoi on October 18 on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the start of the Party’s mass mobilisation work.

He said skilful mass mobilisation workers have made considerable contributions to the development of HCM City as it went through numerous wars.

Idea and initiatives seemingly small, such as the construction of charity houses or poverty reduction, have spread across the country through mass mobilisation. All works are initiated by human being, he stressed.

Over the past years, the city’s mass mobilisation workers have made positive changes, helping local Party Committees and administrations meet and speak with the public.

More than 16,000 teams and 84,000 individuals were recognised as skilful mass mobilisation workers. They have significantly helped raise awareness about the responsibilities of localities, administrations and sectors at all levels.

These collective and individuals have not only played their part in the city’s development, but also in the implementation of social welfare programmes, site clearance, urban development, social order and security.-VNA