President Truong Tan Sang on August 20 attended a ceremony marking the 150th death anniversary of Truong Dinh, a national hero in the war against the French invasion, in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang.

Truong Dinh was born in 1820 in Tinh Khe commune (Tu Cung commune at that time), Son Tinh district, central Quang Ngai province. Later, he and his father moved to Gia Thuan commune, Go Cong Dong district in Tien Giang

When French colonialists attacked the Citadel of Gia Dinh, which was part of Ho Chi Minh City at present, he led the local militia force to join the army of the Nguyen Dynasty in the fight against the invaders and win many victories.

In 1862, the royal court signed the Nham Tuat Treaty handing three southeastern provinces to France and ordered Truong Dinh to stop the fight and take up the post of military commander in nearby An Giang province.

However, he disobeyed the order and continued to lead the armed movement against the French. He was much loved by the people who called him “Binh Tay Dai Nguyen Soai” (roughly translated as the anti-French General).

On the night of August 19, 1864, the French launched a surprise attack on Truong Dinh’s base located in Tan Phuoc and Gia Thuan communes. As the enemy troops outnumbered his soldiers, Truong Dinh was seriously injured. He used his own sword to commit suicide to avoid falling into enemy hands at August 20’s dawn.

Local people built a tomb and a temple dedicated to the hero at Go Cong town and another temple at Gia Thuan commune. The anniversary of his death is held annually at the two sites, drawing thousands of people across Vietnam.-VNA