President Truong Tan Sang received new ambassadors of Australia, Nigeria, Germany, Mongolia, Hungary, Israel and France who separately presented him their credentials in Hanoi on August 14.

In his meeting with Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman, Sang said he hopes the diplomat will have new initiatives to promote the existing comprehensive partnership. He highlighted the fine development of bilateral relations and thanked Australia for its official development assistance to Vietnam . The President said Vietnam and Australia can expand their ties in various domains which both sides have potential and strength such as education and training.

Ambassador Borrowman said Australia always attaches a great deal of importance to developing its relationship with Vietnam , adding that the country sees Vietnam as one of its important partners in the region.

He stated that he will make every effort to boost diplomatic ties between the two countries in the future while delivering his wish for gaining Vietnam’s support for his country’s bid for a United Nations Security Council seat.

On welcoming Nigerian Ambassador Mazi Okafor Matthias Ojih, President Sang said Vietnam and Nigeria can promote cooperation in the fields of oil and gas, telecoms and agriculture. He suggested that the ministries and sectors of both countries soon to reach agreements to facilitate the partnership of their business communities. The State leader said he hopes Nigeria will back Vietnam’s candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council (2014-2016) and the UN Economic and Social Council (2016-2018).

Ambassador Ojih, who is the first Nigerian Ambassador to Vietnam replied by saying that he personally admires Vietnam ’s role and position in ASEAN and in the region.

He added that Nigeria has an important position in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and called on Vietnamese businesses to invest in this potentially huge market.

At a reception given to German Ambassador Jutta Frasch, the President highlighted diplomatic achievements from the two countries’ bilateral ties, especially Germany’s quality training of Vietnamese officials staff, which he said, will be an important factor for both countries to enhance mutual understanding.

The German diplomat affirmed that the German State and people attach importance to its cooperative relations with Vietnam .

She said she will join her embassy staff to speed up the development of the two countries’ relations in different fields such as politics, economics, trade, investment, culture and education. She said she hoped that difficulties will be removed for the implementation of the German Culture Centre and the German school in Ho Chi Minh City.

While receiving Mongolian Ambassador Dorj Enkhabat, President Sang said he hopes the ambassador, an experienced diplomat with in-depth understanding of Vietnam ’s land and people, will act as a bridge for friendship exchange between the two peoples and make important contributions to the two countries’ traditional friendship.

Sang proposed the two countries’ relevant agencies coordinate effectively for the success of the upcoming official visit to Vietnam by the Mongolian President, creating a new milestone in the Vietnamese-Mongolian relationship. He suggested both sides soon organise the 15th session of the Vietnam-Mongolia Inter-Governmental Committee to discuss measures to boost trade and economics.

The Mongolian ambassador said he hopes both sides will exchange delegations and believes the upcoming visit by the Mongolian President will elevate their relations to a new height.

At another reception to Hungarian Ambassador Eszter Torda, President Sang thanked Hungary for its ODA and human resources training for the Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 project in Vietnam .

Vietnam attaches importance to consolidating relations with traditional friends, including Eastern European countries and Hungary , said the President.

He thanked Hungary for its backing to Vietnam ’s candidacy to the UN Human Rights Council (2014-2016) and the UN Security Council (2020-2021) and hopes Hungary will support Vietnam for the ECOSOC for the 2016-2018 term.

Hungary will support Vietnam to promote ties with the EU, especially in the Balkan region, said the diplomat.

She pledged to do her utmost to promote the two countries’ ties in economics, trade, education, training, healthcare, and environment.

While receiving Israeli Ambassador Meirav Eilon Shahar, President Sang said he was happy at the present Vietnamese-Israeli cooperation with much appreciation afforded to technology transfer in cultivation and diary cow breeding.

He underlined the need for both sides to promote the exchange of delegations at all levels to further improve the efficiency of cooperation in science and technology, trade, investment and defence.

Israeli Ambassador Meirav Eilon Shahar suggested both countries adopt practical measures to boost cooperation in agriculture, science-technology and security.

At a meeting with French Ambassador Jean Noel Poirier, President Sang affirmed France as a large investor and an important partner of Vietnam in Europe . He said he hopes the French diplomat will contribute to deepening the strategic partnership between the two countries, especially when the two countries mark the 40 th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic ties in 2013.

French Ambassador Jean Noel Poirier affirmed that he will promote the Vietnamese-French strategic partnership and enhance their investment, trade and economics ties.

France wants Vietnam to facilitate French investors in Vietnam in infrastructure, energy and communications, he said.

The same day, Minister of Defence General Phung Quang Thanh received new Indian, Australian and Iranian ambassadors to Vietnam.-VNA