President Truong Tan Sang on Feb. 3 affirmed that the Party and State will guide the implementation of the Politburo’s Resolution No9 on promoting the role of entrepreneurs in Vietnam in the period of industrialisation, modernisation and international integration.

The President made this statement while receiving a delegation from the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA), calling it an essential measure in order to allow entrepreneurs to contribute their talents to the country.

Reports from Chairman Mai Huu Tin attest that the association has developed significantly over its 18 year existence and has created a new generation of entrepreneurs with passion and intelligence, who serve as key leaders in the branded business sector.

Many entrepreneurs have become National Assembly deputies and have suggested legislative improvements related to national economic development.

With more than 9,000 members from 62 out of 63 provinces, the association has adopted three major programmes for young entrepreneurs: “Starting a career and developing the country”, “Building corporate cultural and social responsibilities”, and “Building a strong VYEA”.

Speaking at the meeting, the President said the association needs an effective model to attract new members and encourage new business creation.

Sang also expressed his hope that the association will take responsibility for uniting entrepreneurs to perform the tasks of economic development and participate in social work.

Participants from the association promised to actively contribute to the construction and development of the country. They also proposed a new mechanism that would help Vietnamese entrepreneurs enhance their competitiveness, brand development and expansion activities in international markets./.