President Truong Tan Sang made a field trip to the Mekong Delta province of An Giang on January 28 to learn about its socio-economic life.

Visiting a high-yield paddy field in Tinh Bien district that shares over 6km of border line with the Cambodian province of Ta Keo, the leader suggested farmers increase rise output and value since Vietnam will face intense competition with foreign rivals as the country integrates deeper and deeper in the regional and world economy.

President Truong Tan Sang also inspected the operation at Tinh Bien border gate, where cross-border trade hit 111 million USD last year.

Holding a working session with provincial authorities, the State leader asked An Giang, one of the four provinces in the Mekong key economic zone, to increase productivity and restructure agricultural production via the application of scientific and technological advances.

Agencies concerned were also requested to clear barriers to businesses, especially those active in farming sector.

Thanks to applying technological advances, An Giang has so far developed 34,200ha of large-scale paddy rice, generating a 15-20 percent rise in income for farmers.

Earlier, the President visited and extended Lunar New Year wishes to Catholic dignitaries and followers at the Diocese of Long Xuyen.-VNA