Presidential 2016 amnesty process underway hinh anh 1Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has released an official message concerning this year’s presidental amnesty decisions.

Reiterating the determination of the Party and the State to give clemency to people who have successfully repented while serving their sentence and to contribute to the efficiency of national crime prevention programme, the Prime Minister asked ministries, agencies and localities to try their best to ensure that amnesty decisions be implemented seriously, transparently and in accordance with State regulations.

He ordered the Ministry of Public Security (MoPC) to consult with the Amnesty Consultative Council to help them perform their duties at their best.

The Ministry of Information and Communications was asked to direct press agencies to popularise the President’s amnesty decision on mass media in order to raise awareness and responsibility across all sectors, social organisations and regions on the need to create favourable conditions for released inmates reintegrate into the society.

The Prime Minister instructed the People’s Committee of provinces and cities to co-ordinate with relevant agencies to help amnesty recipients stabilise their lives soon. Those who commit crimes or violate laws will be strictly punished.

The MoPC was also asked to monitor and submit results of amnesty implementation to the Prime Minister.

Under a decision dated October 17, 2016, prisoners hoping to be granted amnesty must abide by prison regulations and show good rehabilitation progress so that if released, they will not disturb social order and security.

They also have served at least one-third of their sentence or at least 14 years of a life sentence.

In addition, they must have paid all fines and compensation for damages, except elderly or sick prisoners over 60 years of age not convicted of corruption.

Those who meet the first and third criteria but have only served a quarter of their sentence or 12 years of their life sentence are still eligible for amnesty if they are war invalids or accredited People’s Artists, People’s Doctors, People’s Teachers or Labour Heroes.

Others exempt from many of the criteria are those who were juveniles when they committed the crime or were pregnant or had children less than three years of age living with their mothers in prison.-VNA