President Truong Tan Sang delivered a message to the nation at the very first moments of the Year of the Snake, extending his best wishes to all the people and the armed forces in every area of the country as well as Vietnamese abroad on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

The President, on behalf of the Vietnamese State and people also sent his greetings of peace, friendship, cooperation and development to all nations in the world.

“In the Year of the Dragon-2012, we have made great efforts to overcome numerous difficulties and challenges on our country’s development path, which possibly are not the last challenges. Facing difficulties, our nation has a valuable tradition of strengthen our unity to create the strength to overcome all,” the President said.

He went on to say, “Welcoming the new year, the Year of the Snake, it is an occasion for each Vietnamese family as well as each of us to remember our ancestors who have founded and protected the country. Uncountable generations of Vietnamese have shed their sweat and blood in hard struggle and creative labour, even sacrificing their life, to build the Vietnamese country as it is today. We have the responsibility to continue the glorious cause of our ancestors, building, defending and developing an increasingly beautiful, prosperous and everlasting country. That is also our deep feeling and our proud obligation.”

The President called on the nation as a whole to seize every favourable condition and opportunity to overcome all difficulties and challenges, correct our shortcomings and mistakes in order to promote the comprehensive renovation cause. “We are determined to fulfill the two strategic tasks of building and defending our beloved Vietnam ,” he said.

President Sang affirmed that when the entire country works as one, we are sure to achieve success.-VNA