Press agencies praised for good performance hinh anh 1Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Education and Popularisation Dinh The Huynh speaks at the conference (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Press agencies and journalists nationwide received compliments on their significant contributions to the country’s achievements in recent years at the National Press Conference 2015 held in Hanoi on December 30.

Reports presented at the conference showed that press management agencies well performed their role in guiding and orienting press activities as well as actively built plans and coordinated with sectors and localities in providing information related to the country’s key events and issues for the press.

Press agencies worked to provide timely information about the political activities and socio-economic development of the country and international issues while popularising the implementation of the 11th National Party Congress’s Resolution and resolutions of the Party Central Committee’s meetings as well as the activities of the National Assembly and the Government.

With diverse contents, press products contributed to raising public awareness of political issues, thus enhancing the consensus in thought and action in the Party and among people from all walks of life as an important foundation for successfully organising the upcoming 12th National Party Congress.

Press agencies such as Nhan Dan Newspaper, Quan doi nhan Dan Newspaper, Vietnam Television, Radio Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam News Agency and Cong an nhan dan Newspaper took the lead in fighting wrong information, distorted allegations and anti-State activities of hostile forces.

The conference affirmed that press agencies fulfilled their role as official organs of the Party, State and political-social organisations, and served as forums of the people, actively contributing to the country’s renovation cause.

Participants also frankly pointed out shortcomings of press activities in 2015, such as provision of incorrect information and information on the society’s negative phenomena in preference to that on good people and deeds, and copyright violations.

In his conclusion speech, Dinh The Huynh , Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Education and Popularisation praised the important contributions of the journalism sector and journalists to the national development over the past time.

He urged press agencies to further focus on popularising the Resolution of the 12 th National Party Congress just after it concludes and implementing the Politburo’s Directive 03 on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's moral example, among others.

Press management organs were requested to strictly inspect the implementation of political orientations, principles and functions of press agencies, and resolutely handle violations.

At the conference, the Party Central Committee's Commission for Education and Popularisation presented certificates of merit to 20 units in recognition of their excellent performances in the popularisation work in 2015.-VNA